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Hidden Tableaux

Collect all 125 hidden objects in this beautifully painted scene to beat the game! There is a lot of work to be done at the museum and you must clean it of all unwanted objects to make it ready for visitors. Hurry up and find the items as fast as you can to get a higher score. Also be careful not to run out of clicks!

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  • Madwise 2 years ago

    I am a diehard Rocksmith supporter. I played acoustic guitar for 20 yea1. I took lesso1 on and off during those yea1, played in bands, etc. In one year of Rocksmith, my guitar playing improved 50% (at least). The same time I started with Rocksmith, my son and stepson, both 10 yea1 old, started playing guitar with zero experience. I had tried for several yea1 to get them started. It&1quo;s now 18 months later and they are both very good guitar playe1. They learn songs from Rocksmith, from YouTube, by ear – and they recently started taking lesso1 from a real human. I LOVE Rocksmith – love it.nAnd let&1quo;s put the “latency” issue to rest. There&1quo;s no latency when connected directly to amp i1tead of via the HDMI cable.nThere are plenty of things in Rocksmith I would change (improve), some of which are being addressed in Rocksmith 2014. But those things are minor and I still enjoy almost daily sessio1 learning songs and musical styles and, lately, bass guitar.

  • CamTSB 2 years ago

    Important note: The new game from Mane6 is NOT, and I repeat NOT pony anymore. It might not be a good idea to refer to it as “pony-centric”.

  • Areshieru 2 years ago

    I want to be Hou Yi because I am a son of earth…