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Frenzy Hotel 2

Debbie's hotel business has become popular after a few months. Debbie has an idea to rebuild her hotel bigger and add some hotel services.

Help Debbie to run her hotel business in 10 days, and buy some service upgrades or renovate the hotel in shop menu to help you win the game. some star tourists will stay in your hotel, guide them, and make them happy. don't let them down!

Drag tourists to the correct orders and follow the next instructions shown on the screen.

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  • Parazik 2 years ago

    I was in the CBT for Genesis A.D. when IJJI acquired it, It was quite disappointing when they trashed it. Good game though, can&1quo;t wait to see the changes Aeria Games has done, especially with that fancy new cinematic!

  • Dualbird12 2 years ago

    Finally got it to work. You log in to the game, Open up the Item Mall, Click the button in the lower right corner that says Promo, Enter the Code you get from this site in the Account Name slot, then enter SpiritTales in the Betakey/Prizes slot. Also it doesn&1quo;t give you a pet it just gives you an item to catch pets with.