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Bug Connect

Fun mahjong connect game with a twist. Remove all bugs as fast as possible. You can connect 2 of the same tiles if the path between the 2 tiles has no more then 2 turns of 90 degrees. If you combine the 2 pesticide tiles all bugs are removed.rn

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  • Drako 2 years ago

    hate1 gonna hate 😀 This game is evolutionary in mmo 😉

  • sarah.enderman 2 years ago

    Yeah, its accessing “all game features” for ONE game (which was Fifa Multiplayer) is far from an ‘outage&1quo; . The service was never down or having issues, if I remember correctly both Wii U and PSN stated ‘offline&1quo; at one point. Microsoft just points out if there is anything 3rd party or 1st.

  • i got the key but idk where to do those settings to get the items
    help pls :/

  • I will win a Soldier Front 2 Beta key because I like FPS and it looks like a nice game to test! I lost my Steam account to a hacker so playing another game can get it better for me but yeah mainly because its look a really nice and a good FPS to play

  • winelf125257 2 years ago

    WTF? Why there is 1 key for everyone?