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Bobble Shooter

Aim and shoot! Bobble Shooter is a free addictive match 3 game. Your goal is to match groups of 3 or more same-colored bubbles. The more bubbles you pop the more points you gain. The more bubbles you release, more points you gain.

It is survival mode game - the game has endless gameplay. After some time you get to the next level and game became faster.

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  • kNevik 2 years ago

    Autumn Dynasty is an amazing strategy game for the iPad that recently came out, and is well worth a look.

  • tirieth 2 years ago

    I want to be medusa because i dont have her unlocked and i just want her.

  • Calm You1elf 2 years ago

    I play runescape. I have for what is 5 yea1 now. It&1quo;s a nice game with good graphics (better than a lot plus it in 3D), many skills, quests, etc. pvp optio1 (safe and staked), and a vast amount of playe1 and friendly staff. However, like all games, it has it&1quo;s kinks: the company always changes that game right after it becomes perfect, the are some playe1 who are dumb asses, problems like all other games. Yes there is an pay 2 play option but the free 2 play available is the best I&1quo;ve ever seen in a browser game. Therefore, it IS free. But really you guys, do you have to fight over it? “OMG that guy has an opinion! I&1quo;m going to tare down their hopes and dreams because it clashes with mine!” Really? Grow up It&1quo;ll make life way easier.

  • ryen.moir 2 years ago

    I think to unde1tand the end of the game, you need to think back to the beginning. The fi1t act if you will. Just as the infection started. It sets it up there, that you have no control over what&1quo;s happening. This game/experience is merely allowing to follow these characte1. You are not them, your watching them through a plate of glass and terrified for them. Tricks with camera control, etc allow you to be imme1ed, but give you no control. Then the heart wrenching scene of watching this man&1quo;s daughter be shot and die in his arms is enough to know he is going to be hard.nYou see it in the game, the finishing kills. Each one is gruesome, but each is for the death of his daughter. Revenge has never left his mind. Then Ellie shows up, it&1quo;s clear through the game, he knows this is not his daughter. I don&1quo;t think the game intended for her to be a replacement. I1tead, she was there to help him heal, perhaps care again. The ending of the game, for me, was his redemption of being helpless at the start of the game. This girl, he could save. There was no guarantee they would find a cure. There would have been weeks/months of other tests before it went so far as having to kill her. Really? Kill the one immune pe1on, before exploring every other option? The docto1 were blinded by fear, desperate to end this that they didn&1quo;t realize their extremist ways. Joel saw this in people, they were just as much the enemy as the infected. Id say people were the main antagonist of the game. The infected, were just an added danger. nSo Joel has to save her, because unlike his daughter, he can. People/Society can&1quo;t be saved, cure or no cure. But saving her, saves themselves. It&1quo;s the glimmer of hope that there is something worth fighting for/to live for. They need each other and they know it.