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Fashion Studio – Pyjama Design

It's time for a pyjama party! And what better way to impress your bff's with your custom designed pajama! First pick 4 clothing items. You're able to change the color and pattern for each item. Then take your fabrics, cut them and use the sewing machine to sew them up. In the end show your dream sleepover outfit in the bedroom.

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  • Stealthbg 2 years ago

    I want to be Cabrakan, because i wanna smash the keyboard like his e…..

  • thatismyorange 2 years ago

    Why would you factor out women coming in for dates? They have just as much input into the movie as the guys.nAnd yeah, businesses target certain audiences, but that doesn’t make it okay all of the time. When the marketing objectifies women – which I won’t bother trying to convince you of, since that’s clearly not happening – for the sake of guys, that’s not okay, because objectifying women isn’t okay. That’s what TrinPie was saying; at least, before they gave up because you won’t concede a single point.