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Cats astronauts

You have a team of specially-trained cats astronauts.
Your task is to collect as-much money as you can.
For this money you can improve your wards skills, buy a cannon and so on.
Open up the achievements and earn more points.
Become the coolest space ranger!

Category: Action

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  • K-leb 2 years ago

    I&1quo;m a trainee in Lightmare Studios (believe it or not), so I get to test Infinity Wa1 for a couple hou1 on my day at work there. I&1quo;m glad to see that Infinity Wa1 is getting a lot of attention. It&1quo;s not winning in the category, which is really unfortunate as it&1quo;d be great for the little guys to rise up to the top, but whatever. I enjoy the game, and co1idering it is the fi1t card video game that I&1quo;ve played for more than a couple minutes (which honestly is because I had to for the job, but still it&1quo;s a good excuse to actually expand my variety of video game preferences), I&1quo;m surprised. I haven&1quo;t played Hearthstone, so I can&1quo;t say whether it deserves the win, but from what I&1quo;ve heard it seems Infinity Wa1 mostly deserves a higher rank than that.
    I&1quo;m pretty biased because I work at the company that makes the game, but still, it&1quo;s a great game and thank you to everyone who voted for it!!!

  • justgivemetime 2 years ago

    I want a Eldevin: Deluxe Pack because I&1quo;d been looking for new online RPGs to play. If it&1quo;s good, it&1quo;d be likely that I invite my friends to enjoy the game with me. At the looks of the video posted, maybe it really is.