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Girl visits Moscow

The Red Square in Moscow is one of the most popular city squares of the world. This girl is visiting one of her Russian bff's and she is getting her picture taken at the Saint Basil's Cathedral. But what will she wear? Her bff brought some typical Russian outfits. Do you like them? Or will you go for a classic dress?

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  • Blacked Out 2 years ago

    I fully agree. The problem is retail games cost far too much because there&1quo;s so many parties taking a slice. The used game industry is not Microsoft nor Sony&1quo;s respo1ibility to uphold. Adapt or die.nSooner or later, it&1quo;s going to be cheaper (it&1quo;s already more profitable) for MS/Sony to just wire you the game anyway, and at that point the disc will die. It&1quo;s just how we tra1ition into that stage is the big issue. It&1quo;s pretty clear people don&1quo;t want to jump headfi1t, judging by the reaction from E3.

  • obrad09 2 years ago

    ok i try but i know to no way to i get the key anyway hi all and happy new year