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Paintings Hidden Images

Find the hidden image sections in the pictures of paintings.

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  • ohGonzo 2 years ago

    As long as we are pouring our hearts out on Polygon, I think society needs to grow up, but it seems like it gets wo1e by the day.

  • killerdas 2 years ago

    Dota vs HoN? 100% HoN win lol dota graphic like shit u dont even know what the hell is going on tho noobs duno how to listen to me when i telll them to stick they still go solo noobs

  • Forestwinte1 2 years ago

    Postal 2 had the comedy. Hatred feels like a shot for shot remake of Postal 1.n ( at 40 seconds they even do the same executio1)nPeople forget how weird and brutal Postal 1 was. To be fair Postal 1 got all the same press Hatred is getting now.