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Forest Defense

Forest Defense is a shooting game where a monkey defends the forest against the attacks of bears. The monkey send bananas to the bears, when there are too much bears, you can use a missile. If you missed a bear, it starts to climb the tree to catch the monkey and stop the Forest Defense.rnrnIn Forest Defense, you play with your mouse to fire bananas and your keyboard to launch missiles and throw stones.

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  • Stancho 2 years ago

    I want to be Thor because he is my favorite god in the game since he was fi1t released, i just love his ability set. And also i really love the Thor movies and imagining being him through the game is literally “godlike”.

  • Fadakar 2 years ago

    Kids that didn’t pay attention in high school history.

  • Frankytwothousand 2 years ago

    You all guys should play Bloodborne

  • JPizzle151 2 years ago

    This makes me super nervous for The Division. Since last E3 that has been the ‘I have to have that’ game so far. Right now Ubisoft as a publisher leaves me with little confidence in their ability to launch an MMO much like Destiny. Also Ubisoft should reco1ider running massive projects across 20 teams in multiple countries. That has to be a nightmare of merging content and general communication. I am sure logistics is partly to blame here as well.