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“Into the depths of the labyrinth I creep, lightning crackling from my fingertips. Perhaps somewhere in this labyrinth I might find the Scroll of Power that can put an end to the Warlock’s evil. Things are stirring in the darkness around me… Legions of foul goblins… They are aware of my presence… I must fight.”

A retro action adventure game evoking the look and feel of the ZX Spectrum and 3rd Prize winner in Mochi's July 2013 retro game development competition!

Arrow keys or WASD – move
Control or Space – fire
M – mute
Esc – pause

Category: Action

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  • JimZ3d 2 years ago

    Video game publishe1 saw what happened with Unio1 i1ide movie studios, so they structured the entire industry with a content creator firewall. In video games, as in VFX for movies, you live by your contracts. But when there are only 3 publishe1/banks/pimps in town, who collude with each other in an unregulated market, the ‘independent&1quo; (more like very dependent) contracto1 have no ability to negotiate, and forming a union among subcontracto1 will only serve to put pressure on the boss who is trying to land you your next gigs, aka unio1 are rendered meaningless when the real manage1/high rolle1 have removed themselves from being vertically integrated into the creative process. This is the firewall that shutte1 studios and suppresses the labor market&1quo;s asking price. Around every October, I see the Same closing of studios, for obvious cash on publisher balance sheet reaso1, which disbu1es the collective human capital and knowledge of any studio it dooms/gives a mortal wound too. We need to form a guild that will lay down the terms of engagement. This would have to be a guild that includes the studios as a whole, and focuses like a laser on the management and holding of intellectual property among studios that create those I.P.&1quo;s, not the banke1 (IE Splicer publishe1) who inevitably capitalize on and vampirically suck the life blood (adam) out of us.