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City Grill And Bake

Are you hungry? These hungry kids went out and they are looking for a place to buy their lunch. Show them your City Grill and Bake place because the food here is absolutely amazing. Make sure you serve them before the time runs out. You do not want them to leave before they pay so be as fast as you can serving them. Gain the points and move to the next level where more persons will be at City Grill and Bake. Good luck!

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  • geekjosh 2 years ago

    The app is fine as is right now, but there is always room for improvement.nThe only thing that’s REALLY missing are loadouts & selecting multiple items to move to vault.nLoadouts would be such a great feature. I’d love to just tap a button and have my PvP loadout ready to go vs getting all my gear/abilities set up.nMoving items into the vault is much easier than it used to be, no doubt. But I hate that I can’t select multiple items to move to the vault. I1tead I have to go to every slot, unequip, and move to the vault. Not a huge deal, but anything to save time is better.