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Stick Santa in Trouble

Stick Santa is chased by some Monsters and the only thing he can do is keep running around and try to kill them without weapons. Santa will keep running, and to kill the monsters you will have to jump on them, but pay attention, some of them are stronger than others and they will survive at the first jump.rn

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  • Polybotic Thief 2 years ago

    This seems………backwards to me. So let me get this straight, wanting continuity of the games we have already bought by way of the xbone being backwards compatible is backwards and not possible, but you can release a ‘remastered’ game for it??? I’m sure it is far from remastered, because it was glitched, hacked, and far from mastered in the fi1t place. The only thing I will do this garbage for is, dependent on the price, minecraft. which is another backwards example of this lunacy. Who do they take us for? What exactly are they upgrading anyway they can’t hit 1080 on arcade games on the bone.