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Ninja Referee

Play as a ninja referee and use your slicing skills to slice different kinds of sports balls, like basket balls and soccer balls and disco balls! Use your mouse to click and drag across the screen. Slice balloons for special powers, lifes and multipliers. Try to avoid the bombs.

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  • Jetfire74 2 years ago

    I think one point about the loot cave many people are missing the point on is that it was what the tower is supposed to be, social. Alot of times while waiting for friends to get online or see what’s new in the tower, the cave was a great way to hang out while waiting and possibly get something for your time. It was a great way to start a night, and a great way to end it or relax with buddies after doing some high level strikes and missio1. It was a more social way and productive use of time then just sitting in the tower waiting for everyone else to be ready to go to the next mission. It was also cool to have a group of people random people all working together silently on the same goal. There is no social aspect like that in the tower.