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Feed Your Babies

Having a baby is difficult sometimes because you have to take good care of him. Your new job as a babysitter requires a lot of attention coming from you and you have the skills for this. Teach us how to feed a baby because we might have never done that. If a baby starts to cry you are the right person to stop him and make him laugh. Start serving these cuties and enjoy spending every second with these little angels. Have fun!

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  • Pasha 2 years ago

    Fi1t, there will be no 1 million buye1 for new buy2play game by Trion – or at least it will take 2+ yea1 to achieve. So the devs better plan a gameplay which will work with minimal amount of playe1 in case of b2p games.
    Second, if f2p game has decent monetization scheme I spend on them more than (for example) full expanded Diablo 3 cost – *monthly*. Happened with last 3 games I&1quo;ve played.
    It&1quo;s just some game produce1 still don&1quo;t have a clue how to monetize their games properly because they 1) they have development background from past decade b) don&1quo;t play (a lot of) games themselves to borrow good working ideas and 3) their background comes from programming rather than sales. And for modern games it takes both good development and *good sales design* to be successful money make1 – rather than usual “let&1quo;s place the whole thing behind $50 entry ticket and go to sleep”.