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Emperor of Chine Gold Match

Have you dreamed of visiting ancient China? This game gives you such an opportunity! You are the young emperor who has to pass all trials to win the right to the throne of a great Chinese dynasty. You are to pass more than 30 levels and some of them are far from being easy.

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  • I Make It Clear for Dumb 2 years ago

    let say~
    HoN = M(oney)W(wasted)3(rd time)
    LoL = B(est)F(or)3(ver)
    MW3 < BF3 (…) realistic +1 bf3 new thing +1 bf3 fast game +1 bf3(soon bf3 will have tdm too …) graphic +1 bf3 (check it on PLEASE ) things that really similar between HoN and MW3… 1. COPY PASTED THING(shamelessly): -i played cod4:mw… i really impressed…then mw2…what is this?again?i saw gameplay footage …and A-G-A-I-N -so do HoN , tell me which part of HoN is original? it copy warcraft 3 engine..SAD DEVELOPERS! 2. day dreamer: – HoN have 100% same engine as warcraft 3 …so they thing they can pull many DoTa player(for me hell not , i still play DotA!) – MW believe they can resell the unused disc of cod4:mw by add more story on mw…and dream to outsell BF3 3. pussy cat: – many MW fan beg for dino in MW(activition ignore it!) , you know? BF3 have DINO! …MW3 GOD DAMMIT SAD GAMES – why not HoN stay P2P? why must follow other step? 4. they failed: – . . .MW3 still having 'rambo' play ~well? again slow motion effect?same engine~ – HoN~they just…just…failed…many DotA pros who go to HoN will go back to DotA..ops…LoL!

  • AurochsOfDoom 2 years ago

    Thank you. Couldn&1quo;t agree more.