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Bricks Crush

How many rectangles can you find in this new highscores game?

Click on 4 bricks of the same color that create any kind of rectangle! Bigger rectangle give you better score! Get the best score possible in 180 seconds!

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  • Snookieboy 2 years ago

    aims to “empower other develope1 to create experiences using Playve1e,” Trendy&1quo;s cross-platform game network that is used in its Dungeon Defender titles.nPlayve1e wasn&1quo;t used in Dungeon Defende1 1, and from the alpha ve1ion of Dungeon Defende1 2 where they introduced Playve1e, most alpha teste1 are moaning and asking for Steamworks back.. Doesn&1quo;t sound all that great tbh 🙁