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Truck Vendetta

Be a part of the newest and the most amazing truck competition in town. Prove that you are a professional driver that can handle bigger vehicles, but more important, prove that you are the best truck driver out there. Use the arrow keys to control the vehicle and defeat your opponents to get to the next level of the competition.But don't forget, the next level is only for the best drivers out there so you have to finish each level on first place. Here the second place is the first looser, but don't worry, we are positive that you will measure up. Good luck and enjoy!

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  • JohnnyHonest 2 years ago

    Do you think that people on the internet speaking agai1t a comic created by two rich straight white men is properly analogous to the slow torture-murder of enemies of the empires of antiquity?

  • Ryksos 2 years ago

    Yes plz

  • beatsforthemind 2 years ago

    A Steambox that contai1 a Titan or any high-end Steambox will not be encased in thin plastic. Going off of Valve’s product design I’m sure the high-end ones will be about the same size and an Xbox One and have necessary cooling.

  • TheHotShot 2 years ago

    It&1quo;s strange that people want to defend and take the word of a pe1on who makes a video showing himself using cheat programs.

  • Francis 2 years ago