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Soft Angel Girl

How about a trip to... the seventh heaven? There, you'll get to make friends with one of the loveliest angel beauties living in this dream world and, moreover, you get to dress her up with pretty, girly lightweight outfits and dazzling, sparkly angel accessories, too!

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  • tim.newtonhowes 2 years ago

    This project makes me want to learn to code so i can actually get involved. nOr maybe i should just volunteer as an alpha tester…nI cannot wait for the shoots flaming crossbow bolt at snowman “Im Melting!!”

  • dakerb 2 years ago

    does kog plan to remove the heavy pay to win and allow free use1 to enjoy the game and not get face rolled in arena by rich ppl with +900 weapo1? kappa

  • DarthBanHammer 2 years ago

    It’s funny cause in my readings write1 like Jane Austen use; “an historic”, while I was always taught that it is “a historic”.