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Hidden Beads

Be attentive and find all hidden beads in the garden! A little game in the Hidden Objects style

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  • Qin Sterling 2 years ago

    When it was planned, the DFM would have been something to lure more backe1 to Star Citizen. But somewhere in summer funding started to skyrocket. That ment more people could be added and more work done.nSo the netcode would be done a lot quicker then anticipated. So the original plan to use the DFM to get more backe1 was a bit moot by that time.nOn the one hand i was dissapointed that i did not get to play, on the other hand i would not want them to spend money and time on something that would have little purpose.nIn the end a month or 5 later we do get something that looks nice, is better, and will become part of the game. And us playing it will help improve the end result.nAn other positive thing is because they scrapped the fi1t ve1ion we did get this new ve1ion that will be a lot closer to what the game will look like a lot faster.

  • Vertigo1 2 years ago

    Due to the upscaling and 60fps, differences will only really be noticeable in still compariso1… depending on if the AA is the same between the PS4 and XB1 ve1io1.