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A Clamber

Clamber is a simple platform game, your goal is to move a smiley man through the screens, stomp on toys and flowers but avoid fire balls. Reach the destination with in specified time to gain the bonus points. A challenging but cute design to make a fun part of the game.rnrn

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  • BlackPollo 2 years ago

    I want to be Nox because she has tits!! -.-

  • RockBirdVG 2 years ago

    Dude PLZ can i have beta key? Email me PLZ!

  • Razorkiller5 2 years ago

    im waited in 2 yea1 now soon 3 yea1 and i am one of the fi1t that sing up for beta but here&1quo;s the problem i have never got it so just wonder if you guys can lay up a giveaway or send me a invite code for europe.
    It&1quo;s should be nice because i waited for so long for it