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Blocketris - Play classic tetris game with construction blocks. Have fun!


Now you can play Blocketris on android phones also for free! Check Google Play:


Use mouse or arrow keys to left/right, turn, move blocks.


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  • igwarrender 2 years ago

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  • An Absolute Joke 2 years ago

    Another cardboard ripoff. I mean AT LEAST CHANGE THE NAME, THIS IS NOT FREAKING COMMAND AND CONQUER. Have to give it to EA for creating another ‘revolutionary&1quo; shitty excuse for a f2p game,

  • LostToys 2 years ago

    Games don’t even have “good” sex scenes, let alone “perfect” sex scenes. Once you get past, in real time, “dolls” awkwardly bumping into each other, I will be more than happy to revisit this conve1ation.