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Space Shooter Squad

Multidirectional shooter inspired by geometry wars 10 Levels + Infinite Mode

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  • SiEDeN 2 years ago

    An Xbox one controller also has more butto1, than I have finge1.

  • muirdren 2 years ago

    I think the biggest concern is how Telltale&1quo;s writing stacks up compared to Game of Thrones books and the show. With The Walking Dead most of the audience is only familiar with the TV Show which has co1istently lackluster writing. TellTale by comparison looks excellent and I think the games benefit greatly from that comparison. When you try to compare a TellTale game to the writing of George R.R. Martin and the excellent showrunne1 for the HBO show I worry the comparison will not be so flattering and hinder the game. But here is hoping they can pull it off!