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Make your way to the gold chest skipping obstacles, avoid and killing dreadly enemy ninjas, and face the terrible boss at the end of your path to win the Great Treasure.
Run through 40 fast-paced levels in this 8-bit style platform game.
Arrows Keys or WASD – Movement
Up, Space, W – Jump
Down, S, Shift – Slide
X, K – Throw a ninja star
R – Reset a level
ESC, P – Pause game / Option Menu

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  • misca 2 years ago

    These are some heavy handed claims to make about SOMA. With that said, I think I’ll pick it up!

  • nzagalo 2 years ago

    This is really sad, I really loved it, the postmortems were delicious. The only game magazine really dedicated to game dev and game design.