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Country Show Girl

Georgia will hold a show at the community center tonight and she needs an outfit to look fabulous. She is nervous because it's the first time when she is on a scene and the room is going to be full of people. Use your artist skills and be an adviser for Georgia. Choose the most beautiful dress and the best accessories. Have fun!

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  • SPLA5H 2 years ago

    Big Fish definitely could use some new PR people to control their messaging to games journalists and mai1tream gaming sites.

  • VoxMediaUser1675291 2 years ago

    Is there a reason why Polygon write1 don’t mention RPS in articles? If you’re writing about Molyneux in February of 2015 without mentioning that interview, you’re willfully ignoring the elephant in the room. It’s like trying to discuss the 2008 US Presidential election campaign without mentioning Sarah Palin.

  • Katari 2 years ago

    so… 1 day event that wasnt even redeemable?? thats great areia games =D

  • reivax99 2 years ago

    Even Italia1 are more clever than US peopl, yeah yeah italian economy and politcs suck but at least they don&1quo;t do this shit.

  • Synthure 2 years ago

    Since when has an environmental group been happy with anything.. ever?

  • finalfrog 2 years ago

    Anyone interested in more details on this subject should read the book Co1ole Wa1. It’s basically the story of Sega vs Nintendo during the early to mid 90’s told from Tom Kali1ke’s pe1pective, starting with his hiring as CEO of Sega of America and ending with his leaving the company. Really thrilling read.