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Mafia Smuggling Slots

Mafia Smuggling Slots takes you back to the 1920s with its themed music and symbols like a cigar, deck of cards, stack of cash, tommy gun, and iron knuckles. Mafia Smuggling Slots is an awesome slot machine simulator that can be played on both Facebook and Android. Maria Smuggling Slots includes your favorite video slot features like exciting bonus games, scatter symbols, wild, and free spins. With this slots game you'll experience the full scale of emotions just like a real casino player but you won't risk losing a cent or the danger of actually being part of a mafia in the 20s!!


- Get bonus coins every few minutes.
- Progressive Jackpot where the more you play the bigger it gets.
- Go back in time and transport yourself to the twenties while listening and playing to the music in Mafia Smuggling Slots

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