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Super Gunner

Guide the super gunners as they run and gun their way through and endless horde of enemies.
WAD for player one.
UP arrow, LEFT arrow, RIGHT arrow for player two.

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Category: Action

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  • iacerenza 2 years ago

    Appreciate the change. However, I’d be more interested in seeing what would happen if character stats would vary with gender/race: co1titution, average intelligence, resistance to cold, disease, etc. Nothing too determinant in a matter of gameplay (just as it is in life), but just enough of an advantage to be sought out by the playe1. I suppose we’d see racial/gender discrimination in a heartbeat (basically, the min/max attitude that is pervasive in videogames is also the capitalist and imperialist mindset), either through segregation or shoeboxing certain races into roles. It would make for a nice experiment, I reckon.