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Xmas Puzzle Mania

Time for an entertaining puzzle game. Form chains of at least 3 of the same xmas items. At start you can only form chains with 3 items of the same type. Combine
xmas trees, presents, balls or snowmans and collect experience points as well as score points everytime a chain is removed.
There is a time limit which will not make it easy for you. Luckily clocks are appearing in the game from time to time. You can combine the clocks
with other items and get a time bonus. Enjoy Xmas, test your skills and brainpower in this funny child save puzzle game.

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  • Qukumatz 2 years ago

    I have had the original set before and the pulse is definately worth it. The bass impact really adds to the sound quality and the auxiliary input is awesome. I use the pulse on my computer, Vita, iphone, and bass guitar (so I don&1quo;t bother the wife lol). Hope this helps.