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Christmas Gifts Push

This Christmas you help Santa deliver presents to the kids in this fun puzzle game! Push the Christmas gifts to the chimneys. Complete all the 25 levels to unlock medals. Do few moves to get more stars.

Keyboard: Move Santa
If you get stuck, Restart the level.


Merry Christmas! :)

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  • Ebouth 2 years ago

    Hello again after a long time guys, I did watsh most of the shows but I didn&1quo;t comment. Not that I did not like them but I just wasn&1quo;t into typing anything because I have to do that a lot at school (painfull word for some people I know) so I wasn&1quo;t really in the mood. But anyways, thanks for giving me a great laugh every time the bacon came by. And when ‘the man with the broken middle finger&1quo; was me1ioned I was thinking this: didn&1quo;t you guys just talked about patio1…… 😛
    I can&1quo;t aw1er the question of this week cause I did not pay or even played Starwa1 the Old Repoblic. I pe1onelly think that sub games are,…. lets say not very wel overthought, because in my opinion you can get a better game that can look and play like a sup game and even is free.
    Then lastly a Da-bomb for loadout for dragging me into a game when I don&1quo;t really like shoote1 or spilling blood over my monitor :). The weaponcrafthing is great where I&1quo;m spending more time in then the game itself.
    See ya

  • Polintalu 2 years ago

    dude i already download it before the fi1t look :p