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Zombie Cops

Zombies have taken over the police department and they are now chasing you all over the city. Do anything to avoid ending up as zombie meat.

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  • george.sutherlandhoward 3 years ago

    Yeah, the head of D&D R&D said in a Reddit AMA that even the actual rulebooks are selling really well – enough to put D&D on the radar of people at Hasbro who never really cared much about it as a product before. But yeah, lice1ing, merch, board games, and general brand-stuff seems to be the main cash points for D&D right now, and the tabletop RPG is “heart” of it – it’s not directly profitable, but if it is received well, people like it, and it has a reputation for being a solid, stable, quality product, then it increases the value of the brand (and with it, the value of lice1ing, merch, etc).