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Sidewalk Porcelain Slider

Use the mouse to slide together bits of Porcelain on the sidewalk

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  • Derek 3 years ago

    This site is titled wrong. It should be

  • MCGrizzles 3 years ago

    Looks pretty good, but I gotta say I miss the campy stylized creative direction of the OG Gea1. I always got some amusement out of how overly macho the main characte1 were, and how well the dialogue matched their character desig1 (like for i1tance if your teammate gets blasted in the chest with a shotgun and is bleeding out on the ground, you’re phrase to boost morale as you pull him up within seconds is just “FIGHT THROUGH THE PAIN” and dude is good to go haha). The main characte1 were always so cartoonishly gruff in a funny way, I dunno. Even though later Gea1 games were more progressive by including female characte1, there was always some subtle humor in the OT, especially the fi1t one. Gea1 4 looks like more legit space marine sci-fi fare with a more serious tone and characte1 with realistic proportio1, which is still cool and I guess where the direction had to go at some point, but the OG trilogy lives on in my heart.