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Last Minute Makeover – Lawyer

This lovely lawyer has to plead an important case in the courtroom today. But her car broke down this morning so now she's running a bit late. Can you give her a short but thorough makeover? First give her a facial treatment and then a lovely makeover. Make sure she looks stunning so she can blow the defense and the jury away!

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  • Iceman87GT 3 years ago

    Because at a previous E3 people questioned her gamer cred (I think it was last year, it may have been the year before).nBecause she is both a woman and black people think she is a double token, a way to say “hey we’re dive1e”. When in actuality she is a gamer who happe1 to be a woman of color.nShe was basically getting out in front of those who would try and claim she shouldn’t be there, when her past as a gamer and a public figure proves otherwise. She was a comedian fi1t then started acting, she knows how to handle crowds, even if she wasn’t a gamer she would be a decent choice for the role, the fact that she is a gamer makes her a perfect choice for the E3 presser.

  • SOE SUX !