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Zombo Buster

Line up your anti-zombie squad and protect Medan City from the awful zombification in this strategy game.

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  • SkyDandy 3 years ago

    I don’t get the fuss here at all. For a teaser trailer, this has pretty much everything I would’ve wanted from a teaser. It shows us two characte1 from the Mortal Kombat unive1e (including a human Sub-Zero who should be a cyborg if this is a continuation of MK9) duking it out. They’re using some moves that haven’t been seen before, they utilize environmental weaponry, and it seems to confirm that X-Rays will be back.nIt gave us nibbles in a very well animated form and that’s about as much as I’d want from a trailer teasing a game that is coming out at least a year from now. It has the MK fan in me excited and that’s exactly what it needed to accomplish, so in my mind it’s a success.

  • Bjorliburr 3 years ago

    I just made an account so that I could express how much I appreciate this article and the level of quality that Polygon brings to game journalism. There is an overabundance of poorly curated gaming websites and Polygon has the foresight and fortitude to raise themselves above the mileau. This is a well written piece, but it is also indicative of the overall quality of Polygon’s reporting. Well done.

  • MishaM 3 years ago

    So fi1t it was free money and now they want free labour too? This company is brilliant!

  • Bruna 3 years ago

    I need MXM Alpha Access because maybe i will write about it in my blog