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Make Challah

Challah is a traditional Jewish bread, very delicious and looks fantastic. You can cook this bread for special events and everybody will enjoy it.rnCooking time is a little long, so you must be patient. Make sure you have all the ingredients ready then you can start cooking following this great recipe.rnFollow the in-game instructions and you will obtain a very tasteful Challah bread.rnGood Luck.

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  • You realize the Korean economy on mmorpg&1quo;s is successful? North America should ENFORCE a system just like it to make it safer for the company and the customer. It is really sad to see how such an advanced country does not realize this or is oblivious due the milking of the whales that keeps them from doing so.
    If you had to use your ssn to register for online games and there was a certain capacity you could spend online on games, all that shit that was mentioned on the video wouldn&1quo;t be happening. Sure, it might suck… but at least f2p games wouldn&1quo;t be as p2w due the $ cap and this problems wouldn&1quo;t even arise.

  • TrophySystem 3 years ago

    This is my problem. Forget new gen co1oles and made up news articles to sell them for sony and microsoft, the gamer is the loser in these “co1ole wa1” because good games are drying up. Get a pc, not for elitism, but for shit you actually want to play.