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Catus Clix

Classic match two puzzle game with a cactus theme, click on matching items to score points! Score as much points as you can before the items reach top of the screen, make sure to share your highscore for all the players to see.

Category: Action

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  • Truemas 3 years ago

    I think i see the dilemma here. Developing critical thinking is one step, but developing the patients for games that demand a long time commitment so that you can review them is of cou1e a whole different story. But it think that we need more pe1o1, like Total Biscuit, that review games/genre they don´t like and give a fair opinion on them. Because people that find a certain genre or franchise appealing are much more susceptible to bias.

  • PVBaikun 3 years ago

    Now I wish there was a like-button, or something similar, to give to your post, Ben.