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Clovers Slider

Use the mouse to slide together the pictures of clovers in three different sizes

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  • dabsmcgee 3 years ago

    Hey Dave, do you play the Yoka-Laylee? Come on now, you’re better with pronunciation than that

  • doodontheinternet 3 years ago

    The problem with the advocacy track is anyone that disagrees with it is ce1ored on Gamasutra and GDC, which is owned by UBM Techweb. They are trying to shove their political opinion down everyone&1quo;s throat, without any debate allowed. They complain about tolerance, when they are intolerant themselves and ce1or. Now they complain that no one is attending their advocacy talk. People aren&1quo;t attending, because they see the hypocrisy of their ce1o1hip, and are tired of their political opinio1 forced on devs and game1. GDC and Gamasutra is turning into an extreme leftist organization, that just ce1o1 anyone that disagrees with the left narrative.