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Castles in the Sky

Step into this dreamworld and, while there, work your outstanding creativity and decoration skills “building” the most stunningly gorgeous castle there is! Get it some new, candy-colored, cutely designed towers, surround it with lovely flowers and pretty, vivid green trees, decorate it with bright colored, cute little flags and so on. Enjoy!

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  • BigDaddyDom1 3 years ago

    It&1quo;s really too bad that this won&1quo;t sell naerly as much as GTA 5 will.nSR 3 was VASTLY superior to GTA 4, it was just… fun!

  • kr4n3ly 3 years ago

    You also have to take replay value into mind. I know a lot of MMOs I have burnt myself out on, but DOTA 2 and LoL are more than enough for me. It is like a fighting game, in the se1e that you just do PVP matches. I mean, WoW had some decent PvP, but it wasn&1quo;t the same feel, so I played MOBAs for my PvP. I don&1quo;t see myself getting burnt out on a game I expect to be repetitive, but I will easily get burnt out on a game I expect to learn new things in.