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Cute World – Doggie Shower

"Cute World - Doggie Shower" is an interactive game based on Cute World animated series. This time you are Kitty, who is looking for a balanced Cute World and has to jump over doggies to collect fruits.

Category: Action

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  • timepilot84 3 years ago

    This. I’m sure Blizzard won’t want to have their new flagship property associated with this draconian BS. It would change my opinion of the company if they let this slide.

  • taterwedge 3 years ago

    Boarded this train before and exited. No amount of commercial power will get me back on. Awaiting xenoblade chronicles x and fallout 4.

  • t1nheaded 3 years ago

    any chance the Blacklight: Retribution open for disabled regio1 like South Korea???
    I want to play this game really really bad!!!!!!!

  • gj even there have my country…