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The Treasure Cave

Steal the treasure of the Zoltan god, by exploring the different caves until you find him. Buy new weapons, upgrade your skills, and avoid being destroyed by powerful explosives, strange creatures, and mortal traps in this fun action game. This game has three difficulty modes, 15 achievements, over 15 different enemies, lots of explosions, a final boss, and much more.

Move: WASD or arrow keys. Aim/Shoot: Mouse. P: Pause R: Reload

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  • Patrick Ramser 3 years ago

    These theories are interesting to me, but based on the split that Game of Thrones has had from the book continuity I’m guessing it won’t be as straight-forward. Also, keep in mind:nWhy does Catelyn have to be Stoneheart? The Hound is now moving with the Brotherhood, so he can easily take that place and lead them towards a more savage way of promoting justice.nIn the books, there was also a character named Rorge who was a Hound imposter rolling with the Brave Companio1 and messing stuff up already. You could piggyback on that easily with where the show has gone and co1olidate some of the extended plots down to one.nNot only that, but Dance ends with Brienne possibly leading Jaime into an ambush on the way back from Riverrun where we assume he’ll either be captured or killed. Or maybe she’ll try and save him.nMy theory involves the write1 scrapping the existing characte1 the book had in favor of mimicking the situatio1 and outcomes of those with othe1. It keeps the show a bit easier to tell without all these peripheral people and without the need to keep backtracking to other plots. You can do both of the above with Jaime in that trailer by just having those two things happen and stumble into the existing characte1.

  • killaStar 3 years ago


  • mac6375 3 years ago

    I signed up about a month ago and use it quite often. Definitely glad about the addition of Disney. I do hope soon they’ll also get CW, and A&E Networks.