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Beautiful Wedding Dress Up

Welcome to the beautiful wedding of the century! A place where you can be creative and wear the greatest wedding dresses of all time. Pick and click the various dresses, make up and eye colors, and other accessories to make the most fantastic wedding known! For a romantic good time!

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  • On the topic of religious games. I had a small part in making a game about the old testament some yea1 ago. It is in Swedish only so might not be that easy to play for people that do not read Swedish . You can learn more about it on the Testament website. And no the Angel does not use gu1, it&1quo;s goggle tra1late that mess up :).

  • Morpurgo 3 years ago

    I was pleasantly surprised with quantum mechanics usage when Infinite came out. Scientific gibberish is great for breaking imme1ion and characte1 seriousness only adds up on this feeling. The next great move is to make game progression rely more on your knowledge in history, physics, chemistry etc. I&1quo;m looking at you hacking in Deus Ex/Bioshock, puzzles in Uncharted and so on. These games are marketed for 18+ audience anyway.