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African Safari Slots

African Safari Slots is a video slot theme where 3+ warthogs give you free spins, elephants take you to the bonus round, and rhino's are wild. African Safari Slots sis an awesome slot machine simulator that can be played on both Facebook and Android. African Safari Slots includes your favorite video slot features like exciting bonus games, scatter symbols, wild, and free spins. With our game you'll experience the full scale of emotions just like a real casino except you will be transported into and African safari and you will not have to risk losing any money!


- Get bonus coins every few minutes.
- Progressive Jackpot where the more you play the bigger it gets.
- The music in African Safari Slots will give you the feeling that you are in Africa on an adventurous safari!

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  • Codiusprime 3 years ago

    The gaming press has been doing their best to downplay that ridiculousness, I don’t really unde1tand why.

  • crappy p2w game