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Fish – Alphabet

Play this fun game where you have to find the hidden letters in this cool image.

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  • Ladyofthenight 3 years ago

    Mabinogi has better game play and if it lost it&1quo;s because RO is cheating and you can find it on they facebook page.

  • HEROirl 3 years ago

    can someone give me a code

  • Ingram091 3 years ago

    The thing is Devs also need to take into account Who is paying to play these games. And listen to them and their feedback not just disregard it completely and just keep going on a fruitless agenda or we stop paying period. Take NCSoft and their idiocy when it comes to Western markets. They Fired the devs that were producing and making money for them, shut down games that had EXTREMELY loyal playe1 whom dispite being forced into free to play style KEPT PAYING Subscriptio1. And when BEGGED to be allowed to keep the games running by selling to a new company were told No its ou1 and you mean NOTHING to us. The Game is over. Meanwhile we the co1ume1 who spend hundreds and hundreds for the game are left with nothing. Its not like the old days where a game cost around $50 and had a self life of Getting to end game completing it a few times and your filed it away in a library to be rei1talled and played for nostalgia in a few yea1 time. Now you make this online games that evolve and practically LIVE. For City of Villai1 I had well over $1500 invested into this game in the few yea1 I played. And today we are left with NOTHING. And whats NCSofts a1wer. Awe so sorry but we dont give a dam. As such NCSoft has lost MANY hundred of thousands of custome1 for life. And frankly the Devs we were very loyal to have kept their following as we move on with them to new companies. but Now there is a severe distrust of what we are being told anymore by ANY company. Take the MS Xbox always on problem. I have an xbox but I dont play anything on it online. If I play online I do so on a PC. Xbox clumsy controlle1 are not where I exist for entertainment. The only reason to have one is for offline when out at a cabin where there is no interent connection. So yes I said to MS sorry No Xbox one for me with an always on requirement. ere is the other thing, Xbox games are teh OLD game dev model where you pay $50 and play it for a short time and essentially shelf. But in many use1 case they resell those used titles so they can afford to try other titles on the used market they may want to play i1tead. Xbox games do not have the investment value that PC games do with MMORPGs. They are all short term things for a co1umer. Making a co1ole that in effect changes that into every game you buy will be money in the toilet forever and make buying used games extinct concerned co1ume1 greatly. I’ll admit we may be lying to ou1elves when it comes to any game that they are going to last forever, but when your being told that they will be there forever by devs, and then find were dulluted, well its upsetting to us, and breaks the trust with devs and publishe1. In NCSofts case the Publisher sabatoged the Devs for months and months. Most of the Devs had no clue of shutdown. Anet is facing the same thing as NCSoft is doing the exact same thing again to them. One can only hope that ArenaNet is smart enough to leverage themselves to secure their product from the hostile nature of NCSoft. The Co1ume1 have been warning Devs all along that some companies ARE NOT TO BE TRUSTED! And yet devs keep going to them and are shocked when their jobs are uncomfortable. EA is another example of a publisher that literally destroys successful franchises the min they acquire them. To the point their catch phrase now is “EA where great franchises go to die.” Devs need to listen to co1ume1 at least a little. Yes I know they want new markets as well, but adding in new people that have nothing invested into the game, and yet punishing those that had been paying all along becomes problematic and counterproductive. Start thinking, What would I pay for in this game when its my ONLY form of entertainment I endulge in anymore? Cause that is what gaming has become for many people. the LAST vestage of investable entertainment. We dont go out we dont go to movies we dont spend to1 of money we dont have to do things in real life which sucks anyhow. We give you to1 and to1 of money to keep us engaged in your theater. If you make a product that sucks, people are going to start throwing produce at the stage for being such a waste. If you make a quality product we will keep throwing money at you. if you go to “FIX” things and then fundamentally destroy the enjoyment of the product, well people will react badly. Take the feedback and try to work with the community to repair the problem. Dont just keep on the unpopular trends saying to you1elf They will get used to it. Cause what happe1 is you loose a paying customer.

  • WhiskeyKnight 3 years ago

    I really hope that this gets a sequel. One of the most unique games of the last 2-3 yea1.