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Rabbit Eat Mooncake

The Mid-Autumn festival has arrived. Everyone began to eat moon cakes. Little rabbits at the moon palace also want to eat moon cakes! Come and help them to eat moon cakes together! White rabbit: No special function but with a large of numbers. Black rabbit: Capable of bombing the yellow and green barriers and make itself disappear. Red rabbit: Capable of sending out flame and burned the green barriers. Green rabbit: Capable of dropping little white rabbits. Pellucid rabbit: Capable of traversing all kinds of obstacles, but will disappear after eating moon cakes.

Category: Action


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  • Bhadeti 3 years ago

    This game held my interest for a short while, I was still playing until recently. My village got raided, a guy built a lean-to right by my territory, and continues to come back on a regular basis to take more and more from me. Unless you are up for the endless moving, getting raided by playe1 who have played longer, put the time in and just have the edge on you, you&1quo;re going to hate it. Good Luck.