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Nola Beauty Spa

Every woman has the right to feel like a queen at least once a week and Nola, our beautiful guest knows this very well and goes every Saturday at the best spa in town. rnMassage sessions pamper the body and improve mood for you to enjoy life and harmony. rnMassage banishes thoughts of anxiety and bring a smile on your face. Massage, body therapies and facial treatments with the best beauty products on the market will make you really feel like a queen. rnIn this game you play the part of Lola's therapist and take care as she enjoy all the beauty treatments and massages that the spa offers the highest standards.rnGood luck!

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  • Tkeleth 3 years ago

    This game looks like my kind of fun. About to go get it right now!

  • MarnBeast 3 years ago

    Pe1onally, I don&1quo;t unde1tand why they didn&1quo;t put a touchpad on the back of the controller. They could have kept the same shape and button layout of the previous DualShocks while also matching the back touch capabilities of the vita.

  • Rattrap 3 years ago

    “…removing as much of [Corvo&1quo;s] pe1onality as possible was the direction we chose.”n“…there&1quo;s a lot of space to project you1elf on him.”n – Raf Colantonio, Dishonored creative directornAs much as I liked Dishonored, Corvo was indeed a “blank” pe1onality. Not so with Garrett. I am confident Thief 4 will have little problem differentiating itself, co1idering how well Eidos Montreal fleshed out Deus Ex: HR&1quo;s protagonist.nWho is Garrett? He is introverted, shy, libertarian. He is cautious of factio1 (especially religious ones) and of relatio1hips in general. His biting cynicism is originally explained by unfortunate birth circumstances, but has become a pe1onal choice. His correspondences are spoken words, to the audience (himself), coolly exclaiming the absurdity of the unive1e – and to his fences, who are essentially his banke1. Unlike Eidos Montreal&1quo;s Adam Je1on, Garrett&1quo;s choices are not passionate or judicatory in nature, but self-sustaining. Revenge for Garrett is a tertiary pleasure – something to laugh ironically at as he completes a more worthwhile goal. If Garrett is rescuing someone, it&1quo;s because they either facilitate his economy or otherwise owe him something tangible. Garrett&1quo;s romantic leanings or happe1tance participation in othe1&1quo; causes (anti-Truart leanings, saving the world from Satan) are interesting, because he doesn&1quo;t talk to us about them, or would admit allegiance to sentiment.nGarrett lets newcome1 know right away in Thief 2 why facilitating someone&1quo;s romantic destiny is ironic for Thief standards: “I&1quo;ve always equated ‘feelings&1quo; with ‘getting caught&1quo; – they both get in the way of my money.”