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Cat Shmat

Help Shmat to get his food! Beware of a mouse.

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  • Maru_The_Cat 3 years ago

    I tried the game once but it felt kind of slow. I&1quo;ll re download and try it again. I prefer their visual style and gameplay vs. Order and Chaos. But I recommend trying Shadogun&1quo;s Deadzone. That game is similar to Gea1 of War and a real treat for mobile game1.

  • AllyOmega 3 years ago

    They were trying to force functionality onto to the player. The social features are cool, and so is cloud saving. I can go into a private server and play by myself, though. Why can&1quo;t I do that offline? It&1quo;s not like I lose any functionality between online singleplayer in a private server and offline singleplayer. I like innovation in games, but when there&1quo;s not even an option to play this game offline, that&1quo;s taking a step back, not a step forward. I&1quo;ve said this a few times, but here it is again: All I want is the option. You don&1quo;t have to remove any functionality; just give me the ability to play offline.

  • Blair Davis 3 years ago

    Ever tried that share play feature? Not sure if it even works for this game. But I think it’s suppose to be enabled for most if not all PS4 games.