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Perfect Wedding Dress

Summer is the main season of weddings. Many couples decide to have their weddings during the summer because of many reasons. The lovely weather is one of the reasons because all the photos look better when it\'s a sunny day and the couple is happy. Anna is going to be a summer bride. If you help Anna to find a new wedding dress she will appreciate it and her wedding day will be a happy day!

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  • katroo 3 years ago

    Ignore the people who played this game in private serve1 way way back in the past bcuz they have no idea the game has changed completely and its clearly not the same game they experience.
    I&1quo;ve checked this out already and it still has that RO1 experience I&1quo;ve always had, so definitely looking forward to this.
    ooooooh XD Can&1quo;t wait for this! only just 2 more days to open beta.