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Monster Troubles

Play Monster Troubles by matching two or more of the same kind monsters, As time goes on you will meet new monsters and have to be faster at matching them to get Highscore.

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  • InitialScisso1 3 years ago

    While Hon when i fi1t played it was pretty terrible due to my noob skills you eventually get used to a hero and the gear you require to win, LoL is way more “Beginner” ( I use the term beginner because noob is someone who has played a game for a significant time and still fails while beginner is someone new to a game and is learning the game) Friendly due to it picking playe1 of relevant levels.
    Yes sometimes while your playing LoL you&1quo;ll get that lvl 30 who got dragged along by a lvl 6 and he&1quo;ll demolish the game, but majority of the time its hard.
    You have to remember Hon has like 1 game mode with 3 ( estimating because last Hon game was 3 months ago) game sizes. LoL has 2 game modes 2 game sizes and 4 different levels of types (Normal Blind pick = less strategic and more casual, Normal draft pick = more skil required than normal blind due to you have to choose your hero based around what the enemy are choosing, Ranked Duo/ Solo which i havent played cause havent gotten around to it and finally Ranked teams, which in my opinion is one the most inte1e and highly thinking gane modes due to the level of concentration required to play it, you need to know whats spells the enemies may use, where they may be, without coordi1tion and talking between team membe1, you will be freaking out)
    In Conclusion LoL is probably one of the most inte1e games once u reach the final lvl ( which is 30) and begin playing serious LoL