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Zombiewest: There and back again

Fight your way through hordes of zombies in order to find a way out. Upgrade your weapons to take them out, but watch out, when you run out of ammo you are going to need to run back to the saloon. Why don't you take a rest and have a go at the mini-game and earn a few more coins to spend in store. Good luck.

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  • Skarlak 4 years ago

    I will win a Warframe Master Package because i have been watching the game ever since they fi1t started advertising it. I pretty much already have my build out, But this package would help me more then you know with what i am wanting to accomplish in this game, It would be an honor to win it from you and i would be forever great full.

  • zuddz 4 years ago

    finally someone gets it

  • oh and i want to say i made it to lvl 50 and in lvl 50 zones about 6-7 of them there are no playe1 at all and even if you go back at lvl 35 onward its still the same and not to mention 1-2 hou1 queue times for dungeon to pop up,battlegrounds at lvl 50 are a disaster ruled by premades so dont even think about playing in pug groups you are just going to get stomped without being able to do anything and getting rating is a big no no. overall i dont think ppl are passing level 20 before they all quit…