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Valentine Date

This upper class gentleman's highly luxurious present for his sweetheart, on Valentine's Day, definitely calls for a super stylish, glam-chic fashion look that she, too, should surprise him with. Look through her chic and so very glamorous dresses, check out her fancy posh fur trimmed coats, her cute chic heart pattern sweaters and, of course, her fabulous heels collection, too, and see what gorgeous Valentine's Day fashion look you can pull off for her!

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  • Blawkbuster 3 years ago

    You mean guild. They’re guilds, not cla1 in WoW.

  • Math Guy 3 years ago

    Ok, I was looking at the RO vs Mabi voting, and I had noticed that the votes were going up strangely, so I decided to record the percent and total votes every 10 minutes.
    RO: 49 MABI: 51 TOTAL: 19319 at 5:43
    RO: 49 MABI: 51 TOTAL: 19542 at 5:53
    For these, the change in total votes was: 223 for the period of 10 minutes, which is about .366 per second.
    RO: 49 MABI: 51 TOTAL: 19746 at 6:03
    For the third count, the change in total votes (Which I&1quo;ll call C from now on) was 204 which is .34 votes per second (VpS).
    Before I continue, I want to say that when I started collecting this data, I was about halfway through the minute, which may have skewed data, but if it does, we will see it in further counts.
    RO: 50 MABI: 50 total 19919 at 6:13
    C is 173
    VpS is .28833
    The amount of votes per second is decreasing, and they are in favor of RO.
    I will post more later.