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Skulls and Bones

Was found a way to resurrect the Dracula! You must collect all the remains and perform the mystic ritual. Help to resurrect the Dracula from skulls and bones!

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  • Panicing 3 years ago

    I’m not a fan of the roster update argument. It really is a tough spot to be in because how much can you change. You can change a lot, but it is still football. I buy it every few yea1, and last yea1 was good. I agree with the above on the franchise mode. I actually want something more like franchise, but with the actual playe1 on the actual team. I don’t want to do that much trading, but I do want to play through seaso1.nThe reason I don’t like the roster update argument is because that is what the NFL is. They change about 2 rules every year, and some playe1 switch teams, and then we eat it up again. They seem to be doing okay on the roster update model.