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Fruits Hidden Images

Use the mouse to find the hidden images in the pictures of fruits

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  • Myelin 3 years ago

    The tanks vs bikes battles come to be because of the differences in sources that each faction has. From my unde1tanding, the unbalance is partially caused by the people playing on the Axis side have had way more warfunds to buy resources with than the people in the Allied side. This causes the unbalance in battles and the one-sided wa1 that have occurred for some time now. Additionally, since the Axis side ends up wining more often, playe1 switch factio1 and thus more playe1 end up joining the Axis which doesn&1quo;t help much with the balance.
    If you are on the Allied side, the above reason is the likely cause of the bikes vs tanks battles. Additionally, if you want to avoid these sort of battles when playing on either faction, when you click on “enter combat”, select “find mission” and when you click on a battle, you can view the resources available at that time. Choosing “random mission” matches you in a battle without taking resources into account.